365 Days

Adventures are fun – and we’ve had a lot in this past year… But there is nothing greater than being fully known and fully loved – and that’s what I’m most grateful for this past year.

After the music video part, there’s the audio of the vows we spoke at our wedding – along with all the sounds of an outdoor wedding at a vineyard. Then there’s a little clip of the below quote from Timothy Keller that I appreciate… especially since he says ‘sexy’ 3 times in 1 thought.

Real love is sacrificial service and the increasing delight that comes from someone you’ve invested your life in. At first you’re like, “I’m falling in love with this person.” You’re falling in love with the idea of who that person is not the real person. As years go by, you find out who you are, you both find each other’s flaws, you both get totally disillusioned with each other, then you rebuild your respect for each other because you see each person holding on, giving up, trying harder, moving on through, embracing, repenting, forgiving, showing grace to each other. Slowly, real love grows. Slowly you begin to admire that other person for what she’s been through for you – and vice versa. In the end, that’s the most ‘sexy’ thing of all: when someone you admire.. admires you. -Timothy Keller


Our Vows

Ariel, Growing with you for these last 651 days has been the best unexpected blessing of my life.

I see who God is making you and it excites me. I want to partner with you and God in that journey.

I promise to eventually understand when too much tickling is really too much.

I promise to never stop kissing your forehead, opening your car door, or reminding you how beautiful you are.

I promise to forgive you when you leave the dirty dishes in the sink.

I promise to ask for forgiveness when I inevitably do something to offend you.

I promise to be your husband and not just your provider.

I promise to care, protect you, to comfort and encourage you, to be gentle with you, and to stay with you for the remaining days of our lives.

I promise to work towards listening, learning, loving, nourishing, cherishing, and shepherding you well. I commit my whole self to you.

I promise to make my relationship with Christ a priority so that by God’s grace I can fulfill these promises for you.


Jason, Falling in love with you has been a joy and an adventure and I’m excited to fall in love with you again and again day after day as we grow into the Godly couple we are called to be.

I promise to always be attentive to you and support you in all of your pursuits. I will encourage you with love, respect, and trust.

I will be careful with my tone and words that can pick away at our love and will instead seek to always be gentle in my words and actions towards you.

I will be your confidant, your challenger, your motivator, your prayer partner, and your friend everyday of our lives.

I promise to always meet you at the door but not immediately ask about your day at work.

I promise to point out all your new grey hairs and wrinkles and tolerate it reasonably well when you pick out mine knowing that they signify time spent together and laughter shared.

I also promise to break all of these promises at some time.

Except this one.

I promise to love you faithfully, forever, in an abundance of forgiveness and compassion just as God first loved us faithfully, endlessly, and full of grace.

My faith in Him gives me faith in us to be marriage partners for the remaining days of our lives.

Jason & Ariel
"Jason And Ariel" is the name attributed to posts where the both of us wrote the post. We are a couple in Baltimore, MD who met in December of 2013 and got engaged in May of 2015.

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