Swallow Falls & Deep Creek Lake


Photos from exploring Swallow Falls/Muddy Creek Falls and also the frozen-over Deep Creek Lake.  Not the first time here, but definitely the best time.  We got to Swallow Falls before anyone else.  There was an eerie fog and grayness to the landscape which contrasted the tall hemlocks.  It had snowed the week prior and there was a serious melt going on — so the water was raging!

Still working on the rest of this post!

For now, you can click through the embedded album from Flickr.


We’ll be making a ‘summary’ video from our trip… but in the meantime, we’ve put together these individual videos from various aspects of the trip.

Jason & Ariel
"Jason And Ariel" is the name attributed to posts where the both of us wrote the post. We are a couple in Baltimore, MD who met in December of 2013 and got engaged in May of 2015.

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